Kids Tennis Lessons from Slice Tennis provide for kids of all ages the opportunity to explore, learn, achieve and have fun whilst developing a great technique. We believe our kids can play the like professionals and have rallies at the age of 4 using Tennis Australia’s ‘HOT SHOTS’ program, a program which uses modified equipment.

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All lessons are taken by a T.A. Qualified Development or Community Coach.

What you need to know about our Kids Lessons!

Price –
$20/Group Lesson – 30 minutes per lesson for maximum group size of 6 students, 45 minutes per lesson for maximum group size of 8 students.

Locations –
Newmarket State School, 15 Banks Street, Newmarket
Enoggera State School – 235 South Pine Road, Enoggera

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How do our students progress with ‘HOT SHOTS’ tennis?


Stage 1 – Red Ball

Kids are exploring and being introduced to the basics of the game. They will start to develop the core skills of movement and coordination, all while taking part in lots of fun activities, short matches and team competitions.

Kids will play in the service boxes using a red tennis ball which is slightly larger than a tennis ball with a gentle low bounce. As a guideline players are aged 4-8 years.


Stage 2 – Orange Ball

The emphasis in the second stage is on further development. They will start learning new shots and techniques to help them rally on a bigger court. Competition and match play will be slightly longer.

Kids will use an orange ball which is the same size as a normal tennis ball but softer and lighter. The court size is 18m in length with the orange baseline halfway between the service line and full court baseline. Generally the kids are 7-8 years or above at this stage depending on size and strength.


Stage 3 – Green Ball

This is the final stage in preparing the kids for full tennis, at this stage children will be bigger and able to cover the whole court. They will continue to improve their technique and tactics player longer matches in an individual and team environment.

The kids are generally 8-9 years or above taking into account their ability. They will use a green ball which is slightly softer and lighter than a normal tennis ball.