Kids Tennis Lessons from Slice Tennis provide for kids of all ages the opportunity to explore, learn, achieve and have fun whilst developing a great technique. We believe our kids can play like the professional and have rallies at the age of 4 using Tennis Australia’s ‘HOT SHOTS‘ program, a program which uses modified equipment.

We have tailored lessons for ‘Kindy Kids’, developed to suit the needs of our youngest tennis family members here at Slice Tennis!

What you need to know about our Kindy Kids Lessons!

Price –
$19/Group Lesson – 30 minutes per lesson for maximum group size of 4 students

Location –
Newmarket State School, 15 Banks Street, Newmarket

Lesson Times –
Tuesday 9:00am – 9:30am
Thursday 8:45am – 9:15am

All lessons are taken by a T.A. Qualified Development or Community Coach.

Contact Scott on 0448811636 to claim your FREE TRIAL or enrol online!